Landing Page Creation, An Emotional Yet Scientific Process

Yesterday, I forwarded the invitation to a webinar of to one of our copywriters and when I asked him this morning of his thoughts on the topic discussed, he replied : “I always worked under the presumption that sales pages should be trying to second guess the questions in the reader\’s mind, and then deliver the answers. The Webinar proved me right, but there is more science to it than that: Mapping out target thought processes was a key webinar point, but simple and more accessible things like the type of language best used in the call to action itself were just as beneficial.
  • The main thing is the reader’s mindset on point of entry
As the webinar discussed – The target has “One foot in and one foot out of the landing page” (the foot almost out is the finger hovering over the page back button.) 1st you need to ensure they know where they are. 2nd you need to show them what the problem is (if that is the basis of the product / service) you set the scene, you establish trust, you escalate and prepare them for their resolution. The motif he used was that of a movie script, and how the plotting works in bringing the story  to a point of resolution with every word prior to the resolution about instilling confidence, but it is the language use that he was pushing – That was the trigger to a change in copy writing mindset. The language needs to be conversational (He debunked POWER COPY) Pushing for marketers to speak to the clients visiting their sales pages as though they are friends.. It was scientific straightforward and very helpful, thanks Jean” Fill up the form at right so we can discuss about your landing pages optimisation !! First consultation always free Jean-Philippe Maltais

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