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Get the right message, in front of the decision maker, at just the right time.

The Cervad Ad Exchange

Turn Your Marketing Department Into The Driver Of Growth

Sales thinks they need flyers, brochures, powerpoints, and website updates to help them approach  and close buyers.

What they really need is for marketing to drive the buyers, pre-qualified and pre-sold, right into their inboxes.

B2B Paid Media That Scales The Exact Audience You Need

What We Do Different

Our approach to advertising is different from what you’ve experienced before in 3 ways.

Questions and Answers That Really Matter

While these may seem like mundane questions, their specific answers are the keys to any successful marketing campaign. ​

Your value proposition is the answer to the following question: “If I am your ideal customer, why should I buy from you instead of your competitors?” The more specific, urgent, and exclusive the answer, the easier you’ll find growth.

And we’ll help you refine that message and offer of value for each audience.

For each distinct audience, a distinct value proposition must be formulated, tested, deployed, and scaled.

Scientific Scaling

Producing and scaling a bunch of copy, creative, and campaigns before there’s any data-based justification to do so is one of the common cardinal sins we see in marketing.

Start small. Use low-budget tests to proof the offer, copy, and creative. If they don’t work, little was spent and little was lost. If they do work, we test a few more variations so we have a collection of assets that have some success data backing them.

Scale up a little bit. We want to make sure that our initial tests hold steady and perform the way we expect. 80% of the time, they do. At this stage, we refine the creative and invest into higher quality assets.

Full scale. Only when we’re confident an asset will really perform do we scale the advertising and budget. This helps ensure that budgets aren’t wasted and actually yield a return on investment.

B2B proof/case studies

Ready to see the results we can drive for your business? Browse our case studies now and let's discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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case study

Helping a Scientific Professional Services Startup achieve a higher lead and conversion rate.

70 leads
per month



Helping a Scientific Professional Services Startup achieve a higher lead and conversion rate.

9.5x increase
in ROI

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