Marketing, Management and Memory

Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.  ~Oscar Wilde

How tragic it is if one slowly loses his memory. Not really referring to Alzheimer’s disease (the thought of it scares the hell out of me!). But come to think of it, if you constantly forget things, it’s not a good sign at all. Not remembering little things whether they are important or unimportant is oftentimes exasperating. For example, when you go inside the room because you are looking for something and then just when you get there, you stopped because you can’t remember why you were there. In a conversation you were trying to say something but for some reason you stutter and eventually halt because it slept out of your memory. You were just in a conversation or a meeting perhaps and you can’t do the recap because you just can’t remember the details of the conversation. Isn’t it frustrating? And when that happens often, it becomes alarming. Well, I can totally relate because I have been in that situation couple of times already. Hi, I am Emma :). Your friendly Wakonda Marketing HR and Project Manager. With the responsibilities I have, I have to ensure I don’t miss important details, projects and information. I have to write things down, keep a journal with me whenever I talk to my boss for example because I know I’ll end up missing and messing up some task  if I don’t write them down. Imagine writing down even small details! I don’t know when did my memory started to fail me, I just know that I am becoming Ms. Forgetful. I know I have to do something about it but ironically I kept on ignoring it also. Until one night, on a casual conversation with my boss JP, I mentioned to him about me being forgetful. He, being very resourceful suggested a website that will help me restore or improve my memory. I was actually skeptical at first but thanks to his being persistent I went to the site and did the 3-day trial. So there, I browsed Lumosity(dot)com. Its goal is to help you improve your brain’s health and performance through series of trainings every day. I love how easy, fun and engaging the exercises are. The fact that it will only take 15 minutes of your time daily is great. As I went through the exercises, I realized that probably most of the reasons why I kept on forgetting things is because of my lack of focus. Yes, you thought it right! The exercises include Attention as part of your personalized brain training program. If you are looking into improving your memory, attention, speed, flexibility and determining the best course of action through problem solving, lumosity is for you! I signed up officially for a month (thanks to Wakonda Marketing for the help!) and I am so excited to finish my 1 month training. I am just on my first day and so far I am quite impressed with my result that I am scared I might be going downwards instead of the other way around! Lol! Today I did, Spatial Recall where it helps in remembering location of the objects, Focus, aiming to avoid distraction, Task switching which is used for shifting focus of attention and Information Processing which will eventually help me develop to think faster (that\’s my result above). See how amazing it is? I am just excited for tomorrow! Thanks JP for being persistent and for helping me get my focus back! I will definitely share my progress here so you guys can actually check it out from time to time.

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