Marketing that

skyrockets your business,
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We offer advertising that uses the scientific method and an ad exchanges trading desk that significantly increases the ROI of your marketing by leveraging better placements, better prices, better targeting, and better accountability and visibility.

CERVAD Services

ROI-Driven Paid Media

If you’re running Google ads, you need to talk with us.

Our approach to traditional digital advertising on Facebook, Google, and Bing is one of the most effective ways to drive the results that matter. 

Beyond knowing how to make a good ad and write effective copy, our media buyers are experts at leveraging the algorithms that drive Google, Facebook, and Bing’s advertising engines.

This means we don’t just optimize the ads, we train the advertising algorithms to use their own datasets to find more leads and buyers for your business.

Creative Services

You can spend a lot of money developing a brand in preparation for launching a new business, division, or product.

But before you spend all that money, do you really know it will appeal to your market?

Using the Cervad method, we pre-test and verify branding and strategy before launching into full development.

This means less wasted time and money in the process of getting your business to market. 

Website Design and Development

Available to our marketing clients, our expert teams of developers and designers can create anything you need.

From full website development and maintenance, custom plugin development and installation, custom themes, API development and mobile optimization, and hosted in your own or Cervad’s high performance servers, we make sure your site makes it easy for your customers to buy. 

Business Intelligence Systems

Post iOS14.5 digital marketing requires a very technical tracking setup to be effective.

If you’ve noticed your campaigns slipping in performance more and more since April 2021, it means the tracking system you have likely isn’t working the way it should be. And as privacy measures are strengthened, without that tracking infrastructure, the problem is only likely to get worse.

We’ll get your tracking properly set up so the advertising algorithms that drive the advertising arm of the internet can be fully leveraged and used to your advantage. 


Maximizing your results through a 3-step process: Define, Understand, Diversify

Defining The Value

“What is your value proposition?” and “Who is your target audience?” are two questions you’ve likely heard before. While these may seem like mundane questions, their specific answers are the keys to any successful marketing campaign. 

Your value proposition is the answer to the following question: “If I am your ideal customer, why should I buy from you instead of your competitors?” The more specific, urgent, and exclusive the answer, the easier you’ll find growth. And we’ll help you refine that message and offer of value for each audience. 

For each distinct audience, a distinct value proposition must be formulated, tested, deployed, and scaled.

Seek First to Understand, THEN Scale

Producing, falling in love with, and spending a bunch of money to push out ads and creative you love, before understanding what your audience thinks, is a cardinal sin of marketing.

Instead, small scale tests, user research, and trial runs help us understand your audience and their motivations, values, incentives, and anxieties before we look to scale budgets and get those big results.

Knowing, instead of guessing or basing decisions purely on experience, is what sets consistently high ROI vs. everything else you might have tried.

Diversification and Risk Management

Your ads are an investment.

Like the money your financial advisor or money manager may put into stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments on your behalf, ads are not “fire and forget” investments.

And just like financial products, ads need fine-tuning, modification, and sometimes full-blown “re-strategization” based on changes in the market. 

CervAdX (CervAd Exchange) is more than just your regular “ads management.” With access to dozens of ad networks and data partners, we trade placements across platforms and optimize for the best ROI. And since half of getting  a good ROI is not losing money, we also shut things down when they aren’t performing.



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Branding & Identity, Websites & Digital Platforms​

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Helping a Scientific Professional Services Startup achieve a higher lead and conversion rate.

70 leads
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Helping a Scientific Professional Services Startup achieve a higher lead and conversion rate.

9.5x increase
in ROI

The Trading Desk

The trading desk is what really set Cervad apart from other agencies. Our trading desk allows our experts to access over 20 open ad exchanges with targeting data from over 30 partners for precise audience targeting.

This advanced ad infrastructure allows our experts to trade ad placements and inventory across millions of websites, publishers, apps, TVs, billboards, and other connected devices, always finding the best placement at the best price.

It’s like having a team of expert stock traders, except they’re trading ads.

This increases the potential ad inventory to over 20 times what Google and Facebook have available.

This means your product and business get more exposure, to the right audience, for less cost.

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