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Hello there everyone! I’m back! I’m on my second week of training with lumosity and guess what? I am loving it! But before I go ahead and share my progress, let me revisit why I opted to sign in.

  •  I am becoming forgetful
  • I need to improve my focus
  • My brain needs constant exercise (aside from overthinking)

So there, those were just simple reasons why I decided to start training with lumosity. It didn’t really disappoint! As the days progressed, I noticed improvement on my scores, that means my focus is improving. This has become a daily thing for me, it became my brain gym! I love my program though they are getting harder as I progress. Let me share to you some exercises I have been through:

Raindrops – definitely Math! Ugh! The least favorite subject way back in school I must say. Though surprisingly I went as far as Integral Calculus way back in college. So anyway, raindrops is testing your speed and problem solving ability. It’s actually just simple arithmetic (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) but when you don’t memorize your multiplication table that’s when you started sucking! LoL! Let alone the pressure of the raindrops reaching the water and you lost a score.

Memory Matrix – now I must say I hate those tiles! Lol! This will certainly improve the memory attention. It helps improve your ability to remember an item’s location. So far, the highest level I’ve been is 12 tiles (remembering the pattern and placement of all those tiles requires focus!). My least favorite among all the exercises but I know this is what I need. I am determined to really hit high scores on this one though honestly it gets annoying when you start missing the right tile placement. I highly recommend this to all Marketing Managers out there who are looking out to sharpen their memories.

Word Bubble Rising – now this tests your vocabulary under pressure! I love this part though at some point I get to question myself, how come I run short with words! But anyway, this will help me think faster!

Familiar Faces – I admit, I suck at remembering names but not that bad with faces though. As an HR Manager and someone who works with Marketing, I have to have this sharp memory in remembering names and faces altogether! That’s why I love this part of the training. So far if I remember it correctly, I have around 10 people to remember (John, Charles, David, James, Ari, Alesia, Barbara, Elizabeth, Maria and Linda). Oh wow! I remember the names! (I swear I am now surprised with myself as I am writing this).

As I go through each of the exercises, I realized that though they each have targets they all boil down to focus. If you must do something, you need to give your full attention to it if you want a great result. See you next update!

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