Are Your Content Marketing Campaigns Converting?’s blog recently published a post intitled Are Your Content Marketing Campaigns Converting?. I found in this article a few good points that are worth to share. Today content is one the best way to start leveraging an audience. It is a crucial step in a social media marketing strategy. However it is just the first move to reach the ultimate target: converting your visitors. There are a few questions you might want to answer before creating and banging your content.    

What is your strategy?

The first thing you have to do is to define your goals from a conversion point of view. Of course, you want your visitors to buy your stuff. But there are many other impacts you can expect from providing good content on your website: build or reinforce your brand, increase a targeted audience, make visitors opt-in, etc. Great tools to measure your audience and ROI from your content are – Google analyticsShare of VoiceSocial Mention (find out who mentioned you or your product)

Manage your campaign

The next step is: you want to take the right decisions and make the right moves. Track your conversions with a combination of Google Analytics Goals + Advanced Traffic Segments. Read Google support documentation to learn how to use these tools.

Identify the limitations of your content marketing campaign

Yes, it may take a while to obtain solid conversion data. A few months, sometimes. The phases are generally : Traffic generation Visitor engagement Conversion rate optimization This can easily take you to 5 or 6 months to achieve a satisfying conversion rate. So be patient and consistant!

Be flexible and engage early leads

Stay focused on your audience. Who are your visitors? How do they behave? are questions that will help you find the right strategy if you want to convert. At a certain point you will probably have to realign your marketing goals with new buyers behavior. This involves to target your content and here’s what you can do: use engaging content to educate customers and move them through the sales cycle. In this case study describing the launch of Sun Life’s Brighter Life, you can read the 5 steps to implement content successfully. Here are also 5 useful templates to drive your creativity.

Write compelling content

High value content is THE way to attract your future leads to your website. Now, where to start? Check our previous post \”Customers Stories : How to Write Compelling Content\” and read this inspiring article The art of ethical content stealing Go to Are Your Content Marketing Campaigns Converting? on  

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