Crossing the Borders—Some Tips for International Online Marketing

How far do you want to go with your business? Whether you just started or you are already well implemented in your segment and country, you may ambition one day to cross the border. Targetting new countries and foreign markets certainly  is an exciting project. The read of the post Crossing the Borders—Some Tips for International Online Marketing on\’s blog gives me the opportunity to talk a bit about this challenging topic.



Prepare yourself

Where do you want to  go? This question may seem simple to answer but it\’s going to take you some time and research. You need to know if there is room for you and if you are able to comply with the regulation of the country you intend to go to. So take time to sit down and study ! Costs are another matter that you want to take care of (taxes, echange, etc.). This article published on\’s website can help you find some answers: How do you build a global strategy?.

These are the different steps that are to be taken :

– analyse the market

– identify the company\’s ressources for international expansion.

– set international and global objectives

– explore market entry and mode

– develop the product or service

– innovate and learn

Adapt your strategy and get some help

Are you sure that your strategy will work abroad? Check if other local strategies may be more efficient than yours beacause they fit the customers\’ habits. Even within your own market, sometimes you just can\’t predict what is coming up. It never hurts to find someone who will be able to help you. Check the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service website for a start.

See also this website: GuruOnline. It is a plateform that offers free advice and videos from experts to help you understand international trade issues.

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