Infusionsoft Gets $54M Investment from Goldman Sachs

infusionsoft Infusionsoft announced on Monday that it has received a $54 million venture capital investment from Goldman Sachs. The company will use the capital to scale up product development, marketing and sales, and also to expand its national and global partner and education programs. This investment pushes Infusionsoft\’s finances to $71 million as the company also raised $8 million from vSpring capital and $8 million from Mohr Davidow Ventures. “We\’re pleased to welcome new investors who share our belief that successful small businesses are the engine behind the economy,” said Clate Mask, Infusionsoft\’s CEO and co-founder. “No other company in the world serves small businesses an all-in-one sales and marketing software combined with services, strategy, education and passion like Infusionsoft does. We will use this new funding to further transform the way small businesses grow.” goldmanThis financing comes on the heels of a successful year for Infusionsoft — the company now has over 12,000 small business customers that represent 44,000 users in 70 countries. Collectively, these small businesses have acquired 40 million new leads. Although Infusionsoft was also affected by the recession, it sprung back into action in 2012, and added 150 new employees and posted a revenue of $39 million. The company\’s all-in-one sales and marketing software is a combination of e-commerce, marketing and CRM, and it is specifically designed for small businesses that have less than 25 employees. Five million of the United State\’s 27 million small businesses fit into this description. According to Infusionsoft:
These businesses are owner-operated, lack IT support, follow their buyers online and desperately need effective sales and marketing tools to succeed. Mid-market software and IT support is too expensive and complicated for small businesses, but simple sales and marketing tools can\’t effectively manage their growing businesses. Infusionsoft\’s sales and marketing platform enables small businesses to attract new customers, market automatically, close sales quickly, sell online, get repeat sales and increase referrals. Infusionsoft helps small businesses automatically market and sell while also saving them time and money so they can invest in other areas of their business, and their life. The company packages education, strategy and services with its software so that customers have the opportunity to further learn how to grow their businesses.
“We believe Infusionsoft is the market leader in delivering an all-in-one sales and marketing software solution for true small businesses,” said managing director for Goldman Sachs Group Raheel Zia. “Infusionsoft is a proven partner in working with small businesses and Goldman Sachs is pleased to be an investor in this highly innovative and unique company in the software as a service industry.” Arthur Ventures joined Goldman Sachs in investing the $54 million. Infusionsoft recently moved its headquarters to Chander, AZ, where it plans to reach 1,000 employees in three years.

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