Dave Dee’s Email Marketing Guide: Write Subliminally Persuasive Emails

emailIf you\’ve ever done email marketing, you know how hard it is to get recipients to actually read your email. Did you know that the first thing most people do when logging in to their email accounts is delete junk mail? Not opening their messages and deleting them after scanning, but clicking the trash button the moment they see a spammy subject line. You will only succeed in email marketing if you can persuade people through your words.

The Webinar

This is something marketing wiz Dave Dee has mastered. He is the chief marketing officer of GKIC who just recently conducted a training called \”How to Create a Lead Magnet in 3 Hours or Less\” for Dan Kennedy\’s The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine, a video series that teaches best practices for generating hot leads to turn into buyers. After Dave\’s lead magnet training session, people wanted more of his sales secrets, particularly how to email potential customers in such a way that you\’ll bring home the bacon and fry it in a pan. And he did give more terrifically good information, but not just any kind of information. In another webinar sponsored by The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine, Dave talked about a very effective system he uses for \”writing emails using subliminal persuasion and influential strategies.\” I happened to be one of participants of his latest webinar/training, which he fittingly titled \”How to Write Subliminally Persuasive Emails that Generate Sales Like Magic in 9 Minutes or Less!\” emailNeedless to say, the online training was chockfull of useful information. So many email marketing tips and tricks exist out there, but Dave\’s ideas were fresh, cutting-edge and innovative to the point of epiphany-evoking. I’m not kidding. His email writing system is brilliant. I thought I\’d share some of the things I learned with you so that your emails will not only be read, but can generate a ton of sales. So here we go…

How to Write Subliminally Persuasive Emails that Generate Sales Like Magic

1. Personalizing emails doesn\’t always work First off, let\’s look at established email marketing methods, particularly personalizing your emails. Putting your target customers\’ name in the subject line can grab attention, sometimes. Let\’s say a guy named Bob received a random unsolicited email that mentions his name in the subject. He\’d be more likely to notice  the message and check out its contents than an email with a bland subject line. However, if Bob received another spammy, mass-generated email that contains his name, whether or not it\’s from the same sender, he\’d put two and two together, and instantly figure out this is just a clever marketing method. In the end, your emails will have nowhere to go but the trash folder. As the old marketing cliché goes, \”a tactic known is a tactic blown.\” Tactics are meant to push the right buttons and set you apart from the rest, but if overused, your tactic could blow up emailin your face. If you\’re going to personalize emails, do it just once. Or better yet, don\’t do it at all. People are wise. Personalizing emails will no longer be effective eventually. Besides, you can\’t be 100% sure all the subscribers in your email list entered their real names in the opt-in box. What if they wrote dogpuke for their first name? Bob would be shocked to see \”Hey, dogpuke!\” in his inbox. 2. Use psychologically persuasive subject lines The subject line can make or break your attempt at capturing people\’s attention. It will get your email either opened or chucked out. A subject line is like a heading in print advertising — a single line that can convince people the content is interesting enough to be read. Dave\’s system for creating subject lines is using subliminal language patterns. There are words and ways of saying things that can trigger emotions in readers. Your words may stir curiosity, excitement and even anger. If you do incite anger, that\’s still part of strategy. One example is the subject line \”The Fastest Way to _____.\” The operative word here is \”fast\”. We live in a fast-paced world and people want to achieve results in an instant. For instance, they want to fly to their destination fast; lose weight in a matter of days; and earn money quick. When the subject line says \”The Fastest Way to Earn Money Online\” or \”The Fastest Way to Lose 10 Pounds\”, there\’s a better chance the email will be opened and read. If you add specifics, the subject becomes realistic, subjectlike when you say \”The Fastest Way to Learn the Ukulele in 10 Minutes\” or \”How to Be Fit in 20 Minutes or Less\”. There are plenty more keywords that can stir emotions in your audience. Dave keeps a whole swipe file full of these email templates, in fact. Other than emails, you can also use these subject lines for blog posts, articles, print advertising, etc. 3. Build relationships So that was for the subject line. Now we move on to how to make the body. The subject lines above can get your email opened, but they can\’t guarantee your body copy will be read. So many marketers make massive mistakes in creating body copy. While filling the body with facts and figures creates informative content, that will only bore your readers, so down the trash bin your email will go. To create content that will convert to sales, you need to develop a relationship. Not just any relationship, but a heart connection. When you\’re particularly close with someone, you can\’t help but feel eager to receive their next email, call or even Facebook poke. Email your target customers as if you were talking to your mother or best friend. Avoid writing like a corporate drone programmed to send mass emails to thousands. Write emails as though you were talking one-on-one with a subscriber. Use first person point of view. emailInfuse your personality with your words. When you sound like a robot, the likelihood of closing a deal will run farther away. By creating a heart connection, you produce influence. You can\’t build connections by presenting facts and figures, and blabbering about what you\’re trying to sell. But how does one build a heart connection in email marketing? Easy. Talk about personal things. Write about your close relationship with your kids, the last vacation you had or your pleasant experience at a local restaurant. This way, people will read for the entertainment, and the payoff will be your reward or bonus. These tips will work for practically anyone trying to reach out to target consumers because they\’re based on human psychology. Whether you’re a doctor or an online marketer, this system will work like magic. To recap, here are the major points in this email marketing guide:
  • Personalizing emails will lose its impact if overused.
  • Vary the style of your subject lines and body copy.
  • Use subliminally persuasive words and phrases.
  • Build a heart connection with your readers.

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