4 Reasons Brands Shouldn\’t Rely Solely on Social Media to Communicate

Vice President, Content Marketing at PR Newswire Sarah Skerik gives her opinion about why you shouldn\’t rely only on social channels for your communication. According to her, the four major reasons are :

1. Reliability (because you can\’t predict when Twitter is going to be overloaded or when the Facebook Apps will break down)

2. Services and plateform changes on which you have zero control

3. Feed managment algorithm. Are you really sure that your audience sees the content you post?

4. Security: well, no need to explain.


We can even go a little bit further than this when it comes to relying on social media for your communication. Last December in Forbes Magazine columns J. Maureen Anderson pointed out in an article called 3 Reasons You should Quit Social Media in 2013 a wise argument: Online is no substitute for Offline.


Indeed, although social networks can help you build new partnerships, it just can\’t replace the real world. Remember one thing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other tools you\’re going to use for your communication on the Internet are running for themselves, because they are companies. What if tomorrow Facebook disappears? Ok, there is a very slight chance that it happens tomorrow but that\’s something you should always keep in mind. You can still make the most of it by using the right tools. (Have a look on our previous post  Top 5 Tools to Manage Your Social Media: A Pros and Cons Review.

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