Infographics: A Creative SEO Activity

infographics Link building remains an essential element to search engine rankings. For any Montreal SEO company, link building will create a huge impact to your site’s authority. Even the most successful websites can’t do without a solid linking structure. A plethora of SEO tips tell you to distribute articles, comment on blogs, list your site in directories and whatnot to get a horde of great-quality links pointing back to your site. Not that they’re incorrect, but did you know that placing infographics across strategic locations around the Web can also give you that coveted linking system?

The Magic of Infographics

Infographics can break down data into visually creative, anything-but-boring chunks that are easy to understand. This makes it much easier and pleasurable for readers to read information compared to digesting a document or spreadsheet filled with digits, statistics, percentages and so on. The bottom line is that if you want to make posts and articles more inviting, consider infographics. But what does infographics have anything to do with establishing pertinent inbound links to your website? An important variable in developing a good link profile is the amount of links you receive from highly valuable websites.  seoIf you have links from high-quality sites, your search engine ranking goes higher. And if you want links from other sites, you have to give them a reason to link to you. Infographics can be this reason. When your infographics strike just the right chord with other website owners, they can draw in more visitors and inbound links. Your post may even go viral. Some webmasters also make their infographics available on other sites so long as they have a backlink to their main site or the page with the original infographic. This is a sure way to provide content that other website owners can use to attract their own visitors. 1. First off, hit up websites that already share infographics to spread the word about your amazing content. 2. Approach industry bloggers who might be interested in featuring your content on their blogs. 3. Start digging up and researching websites, blogs, blog rolls and articles that will find your infographics suitable for embedding into their site. Make sure the webmasters and bloggers will have an easy time linking to your site. We have compiled a list of sites where you can distribute or submit infographics. If you feel like it, share this list to your friends through Facebook, Twitter so everyone knows the value of infographics.

Where to Distribute. List of Infographic Sites for Link Building

1. Reddit has a specific subreddit dedicated to infographics. The social news website reached 100,000 visitors at one point in January and 200,000 in August (due to U.S. President Obama’s Ask Me Anything session), and it’s the 121st most visited site according to Alexa. What’s more, Reddit is slowly taking over Digg. The online bulletin board is a website to be reckoned with if you’re in SEO. To submit, all you need is an account. Once you’re registered and logged in, just click on “Submit a link” to send links to your graphics. If you’re submitting from a subreddit, scroll down to get to the submit button. 2. FlowingData is a data visualization website. Anything from social media usage statistics to the geography of physics to urban populations are statistically presented through visuals. The site is owned by Nathan Yau and he posts the graphics personally. Email him to send links to your images. His contact page can be found here. 3. Here is where you can submit, reference and enjoy information graphics. Just sign up to get an account and you can start submitting. A great thing about is that your profile can serve as your online portfolio, making the site ideal for designers and publishers. 4. Cool Infographics collects, as the name suggests, dazzling, fun, interesting and excellent information graphics. Note that it’s not a hosting website, but a sharing site. The website owner picks out images that are cool enough to make the cut. Here’s a link to the contact page where you can send your submissions. 5. This infographic site is a community of people dedicated to sharing graphical information. Social issues, the latest news and all kinds of activities are depicted here through data and design. Create an account to submit your stuff. accepts images, videos, standalone HTML files, SWF files, Java files and PDFs. 6. The site originally focused on economics and graphic design, and now, it’s a resource for charts, graphs, maps, tables and interactive representations of data. Here is where you can find the site author’s contact details if you want to submit or suggest posts. The site also welcomes bloggers aside from artists, designers, analysts and researchers. 7. For most users, Tumblr is for fun, laughs, entertainment and slaking Internet addiction. To date, 71.6 million posts are created everyday, and there are now more than 69.4 million blogs and over 29.8 billion total posts on the site. That’s seriously big stuff. Submitting pictorial representations is easy. You can either make your own Tumblr blog, or submit to blogs that collect infographics, like this one. combines data with eye candy graphs, charts, diagrams and maps. 8. Data Visualization is a vast resource of information and news displayed in the form of visuals. is actually organized by Data Visualization. The infographic sharing site aims to deliver research findings, self-initiated studies, and even opinions. An online submission form is available on the site and doesn’t require you to log in. You can also send your projects simply by hitting them up on Twitter via @datavis. 9. Unlike other sites that collect and share informative, visually stunning graphics, Infographics Showcase charges a fee of $100 for submissions. In exchange, you will get 2 lifetime links. Theirsubmission page includes a link to a check out page. 10. Infographic Site describes a good infographic as an image that tells a story through data. They aim to educate people in an “aesthetically pleasing way”. Fill out a form in the site to send in your work. If you don’t have a work yet, you can send a description of your project so Infographic Site can see if it fits their criteria. 11. Infographr has visualizations for different kinds of data, from the importance of breakfast to the state of social media to birth control general info. The knowledge they impart is simplified and easy to understand. To submit, simply go to the Submit tab. 12. Authored by Killer Infographics, this site has a homepage that’s styled in an innovative, gallery-type layout. Their collection is filled with statistical and historical information as well as pieces of trivia. Hand over your infographic by filling out a form, which can be found here. 13. This is a blog that covers various designs — some are cartoony; others are scholarly. Topics vary and designs diverge. Answer a form to send your infographics. If your submission gets approved, it’ll appear on the site sooner or later. 14. What makes this site unique is that aside from accepting submissions, it also provides a list of websites for distributing information graphics (much like our list here). This is a commercial site, and charges $100 for submissions and getting two links. Once your image is approved, it will also appear on the site’s social media accounts. Click here for the submission page. 15. To make sense of truckloads of data is what this infographic site aims for, although most of the visuals they post aren’t their own. For your suggestions and own infographics, fill out their form. 16. Fast Company is an online magazine that offers interesting topics and articles on technology, business, the environment, social responsibility and leadership. It has an infographic tag that showcases useful, interesting information in an aesthetically creative way. Here is the link to their Contact Us page where you can send submission and suggestions for stories and information. 17. The site is made of a group of programmers and designers who enjoy fun, valuable infographics. Their pictorial presentations are informative and creative, and they also accept submissions, which may be free or paid. Infographics Archive can guarantee that paid submissions will be posted. There are different packages to choose from if you go for guaranteed submissions. Check out their online submission form here. 18. Showcasing a collection of inspiring and intriguing data visualizations, Style and Flow is a visual delight. Submitting is easy — just complete their form. 19. Daily Infographic creates pictorial illustrations of data, collects from everywhere on the Internet, and accepts submissions. They make sure to publish only stunning, information-filled graphics. If you want your graphics featured on the site, here is where to go. 20. Another Tumblr blog, this site may get you a lot of exposure (fuck yeah Tumblogs are quite popular in the Tumblr community). The blog’s gallery is made of both simple and complex diagrams, graphs and charts. Go to the Submit tab to send your work. 21. Each of the posts are linked to the original source/webpage of the infographics, so when visitors click on a post, they’re automatically redirected to your site. The diagrams and charts here look simplified. Click here for the Submission page and follow the instructions. 22. What sets this infographic site apart is that it’s in a directory form. This is a good solution to those who have a hard time looking for visuals about a specific topic. The directory also lists tools you can use to create your own infographic. A one-time review fee of $50 should be paid before your post gets published. Head over to the submission page to have your images published. 23. Creative design meets information visualization. Information aesthetics gathers projects that deliver data in an aesthetically striking fashion. The site is maintained by an associate professor of Belgium’s K.U.Leuven University, Andrew Vande Moere. If you want to contribute to his collection, send your suggestions here. 24. This is a blog that displays illustrations, graphs, diagrams and other designs about a wide range of topics, from tech to home to humor. While you can share your information aesthetics for free, you have the option of paying $100 to make your image a sticky post that will stay on the front page for seven days. You can find the submission page here. 25. Cloud Infographics targets a specific niche: cloud computing. It’s a repository for charts, graphs and illustrations related to this topic. Submission is free. Just go here, and make sure your images are accurate and designed well. 26. InfographicPost’s gallery of information visuals brings creatively crafted statistical images to the Web. The site is updated every week and all industries are welcome to submit. Here are instructions for submissions. 27. Brilliantly designed infographics are arranged into categories, and you can submit PDFs, images and videos. Love Infographics also offers graphic design services for anyone who needs data visualizations. The best thing about them is that they provide a no obligation quote and offer advice even if you don’t proceed with getting their services. You must register and log in first before sending your work. 28. Here is a blog that can easily be a favorite among infographic fans and SEOs. Illustrations about any subject from any company and country are welcome. Submission is free and you don’t have to log in. Here is where to submit. 29. This infographic repository and blog has some topics that you might not find in other infographic sites. It has information related to online dating and celebrity gossip aside from topics on business, technology, science and lifestyle. Also, there are humorous posts that may not be 100% factual. Click here for the site’s contact page. 30. Pure Infographics is a place where graphic visualizations are stored, shared, enjoyed and used as reference. You can also use the site for link building. The site continues to gather well-designed, interesting and innovative projects. There’s a $40 charge for every submission. If your post gets approved, it will appear both on the site and its Twitter account. Submit here. 31. Here is a platform where you can rate infographics and submit your own images so they can be rated as well. Submission is free and posts that get featured on the site are also tweeted from the site’s account. Click this link for the submission page. 32. Share your infographic to the world for a $10 once off fee. Designed with a unique layout, the site features so much information in as little time as possible through diagrams, presentations, graphs and more. If you have substantial information and remarkable graphic design to send, you must pay first before you can register, log in and submit anything. 33. A blog dedicated to data visualizations, the site accepts infographics about different topics. The people behind the blog also offer marketing and graphic design services. There are instructions on the submission page you must follow to send in your images. 34. The site focuses on both pictorial and video infographics. Video Inforgraphic also offers video infographic services. The images vary in complexity, design and topic. Submitting is easy and free. Just go here. 35. Video and graphical infographics are both features on this blog, which claims to have the best infographics in the world. Indeed, its informational pictures are quite astounding and you can learn a lot from them. Sending them your projects is easy — just drop them a line or two here. 36. Daily Statistic makes sure to link to the original creators. Sharing the images to social media networks is easy because the site includes social media buttons at the bottom of each post. To see your pictorial presentations on the website, submit through here. 37. Infographic Love has a Pinterest-like layout. It features some of the most creative infographics of the SEO, online marketing and tech niches, and it includes a wide range of categories. You have to pay a review fee of $40 before your submission gets approved. Here is where to go for submissions. 38. If you find articles on finance too lengthy and tiresome, you’ll love this blog. It showcases money-related infographics. The site accepts graphics for free. Just go here. 39. This blog is run by a UK-based company. Here you will find all types of graphic designs and topics. The site offers different deals for posting infographics. The rates range from £15-200. Head to the submission section through here. 40. Hosted by Tumblr, the site features different sorts of infographics. Like all other Tumblr blogs, submitting your own creation is easy. Send your images here. 41. Styled like a news website, Infographicas is packed with data visualizations about tech, gadgets, business, business, politics and health among other subjects. Designers, marketers and agencies are welcome to send their creations. You can choose either free or paid submissions, although your post may take up to a month to be published if you choose the free service. The paid offerings have a price range of $30-100. The request form can be found here. 42. Another commercial site for publishing information visuals, Infographic Heaven charges $20 for your pictorial presentations to be included in the directory. A broad range of topics are accepted. Their online form can be found here. 43. Enjoy an extensive collection of creative infographics that will enlighten you to a lot of things. The layout is pretty simple yet eye pleasing. Submission is free. To suggest images or your own presentations, click here. 44. Their posts are updated daily and are arranged in a stylish, unique way. Static and motion infographics are both found here. There doesn’t seem to be a submission form on the site, but there is a contact page for your queries. 45. Another repository of interesting and informative diagrams, charts and graphs, the site looks really simple: doesn’t have all those shiny bells and whistles of other infographic sites. Still, it’s one of the most comprehensive infographic sites. To contribute to the collection, a fee of 1.99€ must be paid. The link to their online form is here. 46. Whether for fun or link building, Infographics Posters welcome submissions. Finance, social media, sports, health and even love; the site covers all these categories and more. The site owners review submitted infographics before publishing them. Submission usually costs $50, but it looks like they just recently dropped it to $20. Make the payment here. 47. The site displays a massive amount of infographics with a wide range of topics. Submissions can be free, but if you want to make sure your graphics land a spot in the site, the site offers a premium placement package as well as branded infographic placement, which costs $20. Here is where to submit. 48. This blog combines infographics, interesting pictures and text posts. There\’s a $20 fee for posting your visuals on the site. All sorts of topics are accepted as long as they pass the site owner\’s reviews. Use this submission form to send in your work. 49. A UK-based website, it gathers and publishes great-quality infographics that everyone can share. A vast array of topics is covered, from tech to humor. Submission also comes with a charge (£20). Click here to go to the submission form. 50. Infographics submitted here are reviewed before approval, and a fee of $50 must be paid before your visuals are reviewed. Go here to submit your projects. The team behind the site also offers graphic design services. Hit them up for your infographic needs. 51. People sometimes don\’t have the patience to read articles one by one, like when brushing up on different travel destinations. Whether or not you\’re more inclined to view images than read text, you\’ll enjoy Travel Infographics. It presents data about travel topics in visual form that\’s interesting and easy to comprehend. The submission page is here. 52. Their collection of infographics and different topics is rather impressive. The site even has holiday-themed graphics. If you want to show off your own creation, register first. Once you get an account, other users can comment and rate your images. This is where you can sign up. 53. The website has a simple layout, yet is loaded with a myriad of visual representations of data. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to find the category list, which will reveal a goldmine of infographics. No need to sign up to send your masterpieces, just go to the contact page and submit.

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