Just like the new technologies, today´s businesses have to evolve quickly and excel in creativity. Wakonda Marketing is offering you the best tools and advices that fit your reality.


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To get a tangible vision of the impacts and pitfalls of what an idea can produce, it is essential to perform an analysis. This is done using advanced procedures in order to develop a strategic plan. For the elaboration of either global, sectoral or divisional strategies, the source of all thinking has to be inspired and based in a climate of collaboration, exchange and consultation. The first step of any strategic work is to provide a picture of the current situation of a company, by means of more or less complex diagnostic tools, depending on the content of the mandate.

  • “Opportunities and Threats”
  • “Business Models”
  • “Growth and Performance Program”

]Whether it is about global strategies in line with the vision, the history or the mission of the company, merger and acquisitions, or just putting products or services on the market, the technological and operational choices are at the core of each and every strategic approach. When one is properly equipped, it is easier to understand the current market, to make an inventory of the financial, human, and technological resources, of the attainable targets and objectives, as well as of the possible approaches and solutions that correspond to each reality.



Our IT (information technology) team takes over multiple tasks: planning the architecture, high performance hosting of applications and websites, backups and disaster recovery plans, optimization of existing applications, the web development itself and the integration of third party systems and their interconnections. This service is made to make sure you and your services are taken good care of.

“High Performance Hosting”

Dedicated or Shared, fully optimized with SSD and high bandwidth. Specific for your business needs.


WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP, CSS, XML, HTML5 and Javascript.

“Business Applications”

CRM, ERP, Middleware and Custom Applications
Whether for e-commerce targeted at the general public or for management systems specific to your organization, we implement tools and systems which are effective, stable and secure.


Every business has the possibility to succeed.
We can assist you in all the fields that you have, to help you on your way to success.



Images, photography, design, logos, video or audio clips, 3D animations, blog posts, copywriting and editorial calendars; the creation and management of contents include all the graphic, aesthetic, conceptual and semantic pathways that can be connected in order to fuel the overall strategy. The Wakonda Marketing creative team finds its strength in its multidisciplinary approach put in the service of our customers.


Articles, Guidelines, Procedures, Routines and Content For Websites


“Photography and Video Production”

Our team of inspired designers is pushing their inventiveness while keeping themselves updated with the latest trends. By recognizing the importance of boosting and regularly feeding all the available distribution platforms of any kind, our strategists, our campaign leaders and our designers work together to renew and manage your virtual assets. This way we will be able to contribute to your success.


Today, with hundreds of channels dedicated to the promotion of businesses, its possible to reach millions of people. That is why we must first determine the target audience and then choose from the available media sources the ones which are the most likely to reach your potential customers effectively and profitably.

  • “Choice of Channels and Segments”
  • “Expansion”
  • “Diversification”

The work of our promotion / marketing team is to promote the best messages through the best channels. This is done in order to fully optimize the return on investment (ROI). Our experts in advertising placement put their skills to the service of your campaigns. They do this by using powerful analysis tools which will provide access to high-precision performance indicators.