“Wakonda Marketing – An efficient X2CRM Deployment and Hosting Partner\”

Run your business at faster speeds.

Put your Sales on Steroids without Wasting Too Much Time, Money, and Effort

Looking for a flexible X2CRM deployment and hosting partner but don’t know where to start?

Several factors to choosing the right partner for your CRM integration can confuse you right now.

You’ve got to think about your budget, multiple user accounts setup, accessibility to these accounts, the level of security that your data requires, the type and intensity of your third party integration, and the IT policy of your company. How will you be able to arrive at such a solid decision?

Good news is YOU can now rest your case because Wakonda Marketing knows how to untangle all of these knots that twist and whack your brain at the moment.
We are a team of dynamic professionals comprised of:

  • All-around Project Managers
  • Developer-Coder
  • Proactive Webmaster
  • System administrators and architect
  • Wordsmith Copywriters
  • Result-driven Marketers

We aim to provide you with time-tested small business IT solutions and digital marketing services that can give you profitability and competitive edge on your market niche.

So why partner with our X2CRM deployment and hosting service?

We are EXPERTS. Deploying CRMs for different industries and doing third party integrations are something we love doing every.single.day! As your X2CRM partner, we will start with professional consultation of your needs, project planning, licensing, configuration, and integration of our X2CRM for your organization. We will make this process bearable and even less labor intensive for you.

Okay, but how are you going to host my X2CRM?

We heard that hosting is critical to the CRM success.

What we can provide you with is a high-level X2CRM integration and deployment service coupled with hosting. We host X2CRMin our highly secured data center in Canada. From small installation to complex IT architecture needs, we can customize them for you.

We offer different types of hosting solutions such as follows:

  • Docker container
  • KVM fully virtualized Virtual Machine
  • Dedicated bare metal server
  • Fully customized cloud or clustered architecture

But we already have a server of our own, and our organization policies require to host it on-site…

No problem! Our extensive work experiences made us experts in doing on-premise deployment, and we are more than willing to work with your IT people.

If you are worried about PCI, SOX, HIPAA, or the IT policy of your organization, we’re going to customize a plan compliant to your company policies.

We always make sure that our X2CRM integration and hosting practices are performance compliant, secured, and proactive. We will encrypt your data, back them up once a day, and maintain a highly active IT support as we monitor your data in real-time. You can even request us to setup High Availability (HA) clusters for your real-time replication needs and we\’ll make sure X2CRM will be tightly connected to your business LDAP. In the event of security threats, we can provide you with a great disaster recovery support.

As you integrate and deploy X2CRM for your business, we can also create you…

  • Automated workflows
  • Email Marketing campaigns
  • Sales funnels
  • Non-voice and voice business processes
  • Digital Marketing

These services are designed to help you survive the volatile digital marketing landscape.

Ultimately, our flexible X2CRM deployment and hosting solutions can be the missing piece to the impending success of your business.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

So see what our customers have got to say about us!

Wakonda helped save us dozens of man-hours per week by building an API implementation from scratch between our Shopping Cart, our CRM and our shipping software (Shipstation).  These are the guys I turn to whenever I need to get different systems working to each other.  They’ve also helped connect our shipping software to the Overstock selling platform, and they’re in the process of connecting our CRM to our financing partner. I can’t thank enough for the time saved with these powerful integrations. I highly recommend them to anyone!”

“We are repairing appliance timer units for our customers in North America. In order to make things work, we needed to do mass mailing to different client segments and automate tickets related to service requests with a personalized workflow. I didn’t even know what CRM was when I first contacted them, but they understood our unique need and were able to recommend a system that works well with our business.”

“I’m a busy business developer to various international companies.  Since 2007, Jean-Philippe and his team have been more than just my go-to-guys in integrating different CRMs for these companies I work with. They’re reliable professionals, and simply the best in what they do. By taking care of my CRM needs, they’re able to help me stay organized and sharp crucial to doing seamless business in this industry. A perfect companion to success!

PS: You should also try their marketing services! Not only did they install and configure my CRMs, they have also filled it up with Lists, HOT Prospects, and even did some follow ups on my behalf. My marketing programs wouldn’t be the same without Jean-Philippe and his team!”

Let\’s empower your business. \” 

Call us at 514 688 2576!


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