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English Keyword Research and Preliminary Seo Strategy

Cervad SEO Assessment Package

An entry level services that serve 2 goals:

  • Showing you how we work at a really low price
  • Overview of the potential of the market size and workload to attack it !

We know that your business’ online marketing funds are limited. Whether you are already an established or perhaps a newbie who’s just starting out seeking to employ an effective SEO company, Cervad offer scalable SEO packages that will suit your website and your business’ budget. Cervad will provide you a customized plan that will help you improve your business and get the most out of your SEO investment. Since we understand your need to get most out of your SEO plan, our services are very affordable to meet the size and budget of your business. Contact one of our experts to know more about our Search Engine Optimization Analysis package and have your website optimized by Cervad.

What will you get:

  • English keyword research and analysis
    • Know the “battles” that you can easily win
    • Know what keywords best suits your business
  • Audit of your current website’s metatags, descriptions, and keywords, and speed
    • Get an audit of your current website’s on-page SEO settings
    • Know what to do to boost up your on-page SEO score
    • Get an audit about your site’s speed, and how to make it load faster
  • Preliminary Off-site SEO Plan and strategy
    • Get a taste of how we rank websites based on keywords
    • A simple, easy to understand, easy to implement plan you can work on yourself

”I know JP since university and I know he rocks the boat”

– A manufacturer from St-Honoré, qc, ca

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