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“From the Fjord to the World”

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Our vision for you: to turn all your potentials – including the hidden ones – into sources of power and wisdom. In modern day scenarios this translates into long-term survival and eventually profitability and competitive edge.


Just like the new technologies, today´s businesses have to evolve quickly and excel in creativity. Cervad offers you advice that fits your reality, along with the best tools to implement it.
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Web Development

Solutions to support growth

Marketing & Branding

Images, logos, social media, content management and others to keep you visible on all platforms


High performance hosting is a must for small and medium-sized companies, as it is for the large ones

Consulting Services

Cervad provide you advice that fits your reality, along with the best tools to implement it.


Each company has its own personality. Each approach has to be different and adapted.
The job of Cervad is to highlight what sets you apart and to stimulate the encounter. Here are some examples:


Big Barker Hank and Eric

With thousands of daily visitors, the web properties of this US company are being stretched out. Our high performance hosting ensures their speed and stability. In addition, we coordinated the management of sales, inventory, and production. We have automated the connections between Amazon, Ebay, Overstock and the company's internal systems. BigBarker is saving hundreds of management hours through its new inter-connection software and other services we are providing.


Argola Cosmetique Woman and Man

Argola Cosmetics offers a range of skin care products based on sea buckthorn oil. With online sales and content creation, this family business continues its growth in the highly competitive cosmetics market.


Hors-Circuits Owners

Hors-Circuits wishes to take its place in the field of rental and retail. Making this startup and its services known, establishing an effective online sales system and organizing one-off campaigns are some of the challenges that we have identified.


Hydrobloc logo

Hydrobloc is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly concrete products. After its purchase in 2010, the new administration wanted to expand its distribution network outside of Canada. So we installed a CRM to organize information on future customers and potential partners. This allowed them to forge business ties with several potential customers on East Coast of the US. Nowadays Hydrobloc is continuing its expansion into new international markets.


A multidisciplinary team with complementary skills. A customized multidimensional cooperation, adapted both to your history and to your ambitions. This is our strength.